6 Best Driver Shafts 2020


For non-golfers or those just starting to get into the sport it can seem almost impossible that the design of the shaft will have much effect on the overall swing of the user. In actual fact the best driver shafts can add a remarkable number of yards to a shot and can vastly improve the user’s game.

Making sure you have the right shaft is key to improving your game, but deciding between the hundreds of options is more difficult. This is especially true because, to the untrained eye, a row of shafts will all look identical. To make it easier to know which ones you should be opting for we have collected together a list of the best products available.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you dive into the list of products, there are several details that you should consider while you are choosing the right shaft for you:

  • Get Measured. Even the best driver shafts become useless if they do not fit the golfer. It is important to have a professional analyze your swing and to recommend the right length and style. It is worth having this done before you start looking at shafts.
  • Compatibility. It seems obvious, but many buyers make the simple mistake of not making sure that their driver head fits the new shaft. The majority of shafts on our list are able to fit a wide range of driver heads but this should certainly be checked before the final choice is made.
  • Grip. All of the shafts on our list come with some of the finest handles available but many other driver shafts do not. Golfers spend a great deal of time concentrating on the head end of the club and often forget about the grip.

Top 6 Drive Shafts Overview

PictureNameShaft FlexPriceRating (1-5)
Driver Shafts1. Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series 60 R-FlexRegular$$$$5
Driver Shafts2. Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65Stiff$$$4.8
3. Fujikura Vista Pro 60Regular / Stiff$$4.8
4. Mitsubishi Rayon Kurokage Stiff$$$4.5
5. Project X PXV Stiff$4.4
6. Aldila RogueRegular / Stiff$$$4.0

Which Ones Are the Best Driver Shafts?

In our list we have provided some guidance to which shafts provide a regular or stiff flex and some that can come in both styles. While is seems very simple, as there are only two choices, it is anything but straightforward.

When you are looking at the flex of a shaft you should be considering a wide range of factors and decide which would assist you in improving your game. Here are some of the most important:

  • Stability. The shaft should feel sturdy in your hands the whole way through your swing.
  • Accuracy. Even with some flex it should provide you with enough control that you can get the direction and speed that you want.
  • Consistency. The flex should be designed so you can make the same style of swing over and over again.

If you concentrate on these three factors you will be able to identify the very best driver shafts and those that will always serve you well.

Top 3 Driver Shafts Reviews

1. Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series

The Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series is a seriously well-made and high performing driver for any golfer. The shaft is always cut to the perfect length, whether you are looking for something standard or would like it customized to suit your playing.

This incredibly durable shaft will help you enhance how you play. Not only will you get great distance but every hit, even the ones that are a little off, will leave you in a good position.

The grips of this club are comfortable and the entire design is beautiful. You really can’t go wrong with this driver shaft considering how much extra power you get for your money.

2. Project X HZRDUS

Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65 is one of the top driver shafts for anyone that is serious about upping their game and taking that next step in terms of clubs. The stiffness of the shaft is consistent and the grips are incredibly comfortable.

The stiffness in the tip and the butt come in perfect combination with the softer mid area. This is the blend that gives you the results you want.

Getting a better trajectory is expected when you buy one of the best driver shafts on the market and this specific option certainly does not disappoint. There is consistently less spin and a better angle for hitting the ball.

3. Fujikura Vista

The lessened spin and the longer ball flight make the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 an ideal upgrade for any driver. You can expect to have a smooth swing with evenly distributed weight, which always makes hitting the ball easier to control.

Consistency with drivers is key and this shaft delivers. Once you get used to how this driver performs, you will know exactly how to hit and exactly the ball distance, flight time and specifics to expect.

This sleek-looking shaft is also visually appealing for the golfers that want to make sure their game and their equipment is on point.


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